Hi All
A few thoughts for you to:
  • I have been a member of MNZ / TMA / NZATMP for over 12 years
  • I have served on committees and Executives within these organisations for at least 10 of these years
  • Every single year, including 2008, many therapists ask the question why should i belong to MNZ, it doesn’t do anything for me..
Please consider :
  • $200.00 for membership is for most of you equal in $ to 3-5 massage sessions
  • Ethically can you honestly say that it is acceptable for therapists to NOT work under a Code of Ethics and Scope of Practice
  • Benefits shouldn’t always have to be financial
  • Do you really think there is any hope of other health professionals considering massage therapy as a viable option when the profession can’t get its act together and maintain an active professional organisation to represent itself
  • Why are some massage therapists so arrogant and think they are so special and should work in isolation from one another and not have any need to belong to or be represented in the community by a professional organisation
I am assuming that the above mailing list is to those who are already members so this email may be directed at the wrong people but for heaven’s sake:
get behind MNZ, become a member, get involved and spread the word
Like many of you i have a very busy life outside of my work but sometimes we just have to make time for things that are important and surely the survival of your own profession is damn important
Pip Charlton