Hi There Paul
Thanks for your letter, in response to Nicola.  Great you are both thinking
about massage therapy within the big picture and I agree with your
perspectives. Here are some thoughts in response to your email.

The issue of government regulation was raised by government (I assume this
is what you are talking about when you talk about registration of massage
therapists) and government assessed massage therapy as not posing a risk to
public safety if it remained unregulated. Therefore it was not included as a
profession under the Health Practitioners Competency Act (HPCA) Act 2004.
The HPCA Act however does now provide a pathway should we want to be
government regulated.

In 2005, I investigated this option with the Ministry of Health and under
the Act, the first thing we needed to do was represent massage therapists
and the merger between TMANZ and MINZI means we can put forward to
government that MNZ represents massage therapists. There were also other
benefits in joining forces. This has been completed but no further time or
effort has been put into pursuing regulation by the MNZ Executive Board.

A questionnaire in 2006 asked MNZ membership what they wanted and after
reading the results we focused on publicity, regional support, conference
workshops etc that were top of the list. Provision for the four membership
levels in MNZ was important in order to attract all massage therapists to
join regardless of qualifications. MNZ recognizes massage therapists at
whatever level they are working, and to encourage professional development.

If we are to move towards regulation this must be decided by the members. A
remit has not been presented to AGM on this subject as far as I am aware. A
lot more investigation will need to be done if it does, so that members can

I hope this helps. I have more information on this subject dating back to
2005 and if you are interested please contact me.

Kind regards

Prue Paterson Gomas
MNZ Executive