Over the past year I’ve been exploring the world of creative commons music.  It’s amazing what’s out there.  Much of the music I’ve found has been at least as good as most purchased music.  Some of it better.

I’ve decided to start releasing details of some of my favorites through this blog from time to time.

Tonight I’ve been listening to some dance music over my new speakers.  🙂

A few tracks from this mixed-breaks set popped up.  Nice and funky.  I listened to a lot of music from Breaks FM for a while, and the first DJ here, Emerge was definately one of my favourite DJs.  His set builds up gradually, into the brilliant Blim track Dust, Loes Lee’s Ash, and Hard Hard Lady Waks with Listen.

Devious has some pretty great tracks too.  Highlights here are the Brother’s Bud track – Don’t stop, Mephisto Odyssey’s Superphonic, Make ‘Em Shake it by Wahoo (Stanton Warriors remix) and Freaks by the Creeps.

I’m not sure exactly why this able to be freely released, as some of the tracks are presumably copyrighted (Fatboy Slilm & Evermore being two stand-out’s here), but Breaks FM are the biggest internet breaks radio station in the states, so it’s presumably legit.