60 minutes of music designed for massage
Mixed by David McQuillan

This mix starts with some fairly upbeat music, then eases into deep ambience before picking up the tempo again, all over a 60 minute period.  It’s designed to match the psycho-emotional state of your client during a one hour relaxation massage. This is the first of many albums of this nature.

The mix kicks of with Delphzac’s mellow & funky Communique, before drifting off into the depths of dub with Astoe.  Nest’s Charlotte continues to take us deeper as piano drifts over luscious ambience. Deep meditative bells are followed by Winds within dunes, E-ritual’s wonderful track.  A  Rainy morning leads to a diving trip under the water.  Rupert Falsch from Germany finally picks us up and brings us back to shore with Fehlerengel. (keindesign_raum).  Then Crisposa really begins to rouse our client with the sparkling, lifting strains of Algo Cian.  By the time Modul’s playing something a little more upbeat, you’ll probably be leaving your client to get up off the table and get back to their day.

The recording is released under the creative commons attribution license 3.0.  This means that you’re free to copy it and distribute it as much as you want as long as you give attribution to me.