I’ve blogged before about how I’ve been really getting into the CC music out there on the many netlabels that are sprinkled throughout the web, but I’ve also been getting into some mixing.

A friend of mine has a party at Easter every year, and I’m thinking about playing some music for it, but I am aware that I really need to practice my mixing skills.

Here’s a snapshot of where I’m at currently – Chill house.

Pretty basic mixing, and some of the mixes are less than perfect, but most of them are alright.  House is definitely much easier to mix than breaks, which is another style of dance music that I’m a fan of, so I’ve got some way to go before I’ll be happy playing in front of people, but I’ve got a few months….

Time | Artist – Track name | Album

0:00 | 6884 – This is supposed to be an intro | Here, maybe EP

2:24 | Deymar – Santiago | 20

9:53 | Angel Galan – Computer fun (deep mix) | Fun Computer

14:12 | Zuat-zu – Nove | 999

16:56 | Vincent Casanova – Take me beyond (Paul Keely remix) | Their finest hours vol 3 (Phlow-magazine.com)

23:15 | Breitbandkeiter – More | More EP

28:13 | Niwa – When she looked at me (I saw her wondering) | Netbloc vol. 16: Sweet sixteen