I’ve just come back from Green day – a weekend of summer solstice celebration and sustainability workshops.  Wonderful weekend, wonderful people.

On the Saturday night there was a dance party, and I played some music for it.  Here are some links to the recorded music.  All music here is licensed under creative commons licenses.  I’ve needed to edit out some tracks which were not licensed in this way, because I’m not comfortable publishing them for reasons I’ve talked about previously.

Slow Build – Set 1

Ayiana McQuillan – Lala kaku bi
Ocralab – Alea (souldub mix)
Paul Keeley – Ohcen
Florian Kunze – In time
Daniel Gardener – Under the shower tower (Alland Byallo mix)
Breitbandkeiter – More

Mando Mango – Jazzy
was  a real favorite, and is a creative commons licensed track

Techhouse – Set 2

Laptop acid experience – All the right moves (303 mix)
Lukas Lehmann & LudwigCoenen – Parkverbot
Ture Sventon – Morker (Jeff Bennett remix)
Le Jockey – Fun time frankie

I ended with Professor Kliq’s – Sema, another wonderful creative commons licensed track.  The individual track isn’t available for download for some reason, but you can download the entire album here.

Normally I’d provide links to all of the individual tracks, but I need to get into the packing for our holiday.  You should be able to find any of the above with a quick Google search anyway.