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Here’s a list of great music that I’ve come across over the years which I think is suitable to play during a massage session.  Some of the music will be more suited to particular styles of massage (e.g. sports vs. deep relaxation), and of course some will be more suited to particular clients or therapists.

All of this music has been released under creative commons licenses.  This means that you can download & use it legally (although some items are not able to be remixed legally – check the individual licenses).

Massage mixes

Ambient music



That should get you started.  Clearly this is just some stuff that I like.  There is a real wealth of good music out there on the net if you want to go looking for it.  Searching using “netlabel” combined with the type of music that you want to find will get you started, but I would strongly suggest the use of a feed-reader if you’re really into your music

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