Hi, I’m David McQuillan.

I’m a husband to Heidi McQuillan, and the father of Ayiana (4), Shamani (7) and Joaquin (10).

I’m an avid rock-climber, and this year my wife and I have dedicated our Wednesdays to the sport, which I’m loving.  It does mean however that I need to work in the weekend, which is not ideal for me or Heidi (aka taxi-mom).  I’m also a fan of snowboarding, and after purchasing some gear last year we plan to spend some time in the mountains.

Music is another one of my loves,  and over the last year I’ve been really enjoying the wealth of creative-commons licensed music that’s available on the internet.  It’s sparked my interest in DJing again, which I’m getting back into (in all of my spare time).  There are a couple of parties that I’m preparing to play some music at in 2009.  From time to time I release one of my mixes or music reviews through this blog.

My background is massage therapy, and I work as the programme coordinator of the massage therapy programme at Otago Polytechnic.  We are the first massage course in New Zealand to be delivered through a blend of online theory and practical block courses.  I’ve  been blogging about the devlopment process over at http:\\massageonline.wordpress.com for a while now.

This blog was originally set up as a space to record my reflections on the body, body-mind, energy, consciousness, and other topics that I find interesting.  Over the course of last year it has moved to incorpoate my other interests as well so now it covers a fairly scattered assortment of topics, which are probably only really interesting to me.  🙂