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Here’s a list of great music that I’ve come across over the years which I think is suitable to play during a massage session.  Some of the music will be more suited to particular styles of massage (e.g. sports vs. deep relaxation), and of course some will be more suited to particular clients or therapists.

All of this music has been released under creative commons licenses.  This means that you can download & use it legally (although some items are not able to be remixed legally – check the individual licenses).

Massage mixes

Ambient music



That should get you started.  Clearly this is just some stuff that I like.  There is a real wealth of good music out there on the net if you want to go looking for it.  Searching using “netlabel” combined with the type of music that you want to find will get you started, but I would strongly suggest the use of a feed-reader if you’re really into your music

Please leave some comments to let other people know what you like.


I’ve just come back from Green day – a weekend of summer solstice celebration and sustainability workshops.  Wonderful weekend, wonderful people.

On the Saturday night there was a dance party, and I played some music for it.  Here are some links to the recorded music.  All music here is licensed under creative commons licenses.  I’ve needed to edit out some tracks which were not licensed in this way, because I’m not comfortable publishing them for reasons I’ve talked about previously.

Slow Build – Set 1

Ayiana McQuillan – Lala kaku bi
Ocralab – Alea (souldub mix)
Paul Keeley – Ohcen
Florian Kunze – In time
Daniel Gardener – Under the shower tower (Alland Byallo mix)
Breitbandkeiter – More

Mando Mango – Jazzy
was  a real favorite, and is a creative commons licensed track

Techhouse – Set 2

Laptop acid experience – All the right moves (303 mix)
Lukas Lehmann & LudwigCoenen – Parkverbot
Ture Sventon – Morker (Jeff Bennett remix)
Le Jockey – Fun time frankie

I ended with Professor Kliq’s – Sema, another wonderful creative commons licensed track.  The individual track isn’t available for download for some reason, but you can download the entire album here.

Normally I’d provide links to all of the individual tracks, but I need to get into the packing for our holiday.  You should be able to find any of the above with a quick Google search anyway.


Just taking a 5 minute break to spread the joy.  🙂

The Catching the Waves blog, has just brought to my attention Professor Klik’s Guns Blazing, and what an energetic, funky & meaty beat-filled album it is.  I haven’t really heard anything like this for years – it’s a bit reminiscent of the Chemical Brothers, Fatboy Slim, or even Daft punk at times.  Lovin it.

Right, back to work……

I’ve been playing around with Audacity & the girls, and we’ve recorded a couple of tracks.  🙂

Here’s Shamani McQuillan’s first release – You’ve been lost.
The underlying music is O-P-Q-A by Crisopa, off his Bisagra album.
Release under the creative commons share alike license.

I had intended to put Ana’s Fairy Dance up here as well, but I need to confirm a copyright issue first.

I’ve blogged before about how I’ve been really getting into the CC music out there on the many netlabels that are sprinkled throughout the web, but I’ve also been getting into some mixing.

A friend of mine has a party at Easter every year, and I’m thinking about playing some music for it, but I am aware that I really need to practice my mixing skills.

Here’s a snapshot of where I’m at currently – Chill house.

Pretty basic mixing, and some of the mixes are less than perfect, but most of them are alright.  House is definitely much easier to mix than breaks, which is another style of dance music that I’m a fan of, so I’ve got some way to go before I’ll be happy playing in front of people, but I’ve got a few months….

Time | Artist – Track name | Album

0:00 | 6884 – This is supposed to be an intro | Here, maybe EP

2:24 | Deymar – Santiago | 20

9:53 | Angel Galan – Computer fun (deep mix) | Fun Computer

14:12 | Zuat-zu – Nove | 999

16:56 | Vincent Casanova – Take me beyond (Paul Keely remix) | Their finest hours vol 3 (

23:15 | Breitbandkeiter – More | More EP

28:13 | Niwa – When she looked at me (I saw her wondering) | Netbloc vol. 16: Sweet sixteen

Breakbeat merging into hill billy guitar, opera mixed with experimental ambient guitar, theme park music transitioning into glitch? Djet is back.

Russia’s grand master of audio collage, Alex Lisovsky a.k.a. Djet is back with his latest album of luscious deep ambience wonderfully mashed together with anything from classical music to 80’s electro disco to experimental guitar music. I was a fan of his last album, Nightline, but the progresssion in Livosky’s new release is plain to see.

While this is definitely not easy listening, being mostly fairly bleak, and often very intense or harsh, Livosky’s multi-layered compositions truly take you on an emersive journey. The music is at times reminiscent of early Skylab, or the Future sound of London although Djet’s style is definitely his own. The thing that makes Djet special is his meticulously crafted transitions between often radically different styles of music. Those who appreciate innovation and progressive music should have a listen. Don your headphones, shut your eyes & drink it in.

The one thing I would say against the album is that the mood is fairly bleak. Some of the album is a bit too warped and dark for my liking such as Soap Opera or Muddy Muse, but those who aren’t averse to a bid of the dark-side, will enjoy his creations here.

The album is really best listened to in it’s entirety, but if I was to pick out individual tracks, my favourites would be Belledance, Aloe, Dusty dreams and Southeast waltz.


I’ve been spending a bit of time lately on line checking out music released under creative commons licenses.  From time to time I come across DJ mixes of material that’s clearly copyrighted.  Tonight I came across, which is a pretty good example of this.  Over 4000 house music mixes, with perhaps another 3000 mixes in other styles, much of it including clearly copyrighted material.

Got me wondering – surely this is illegal?  So I had a look around.

Tim Lee’s commentary – More on DJs, Mix Tapes, and Copyright Law provides a pretty good discussion on the matter.

In a nutshell, the situation seems to be that although mixtapes are illegal, many people believe they act as promotion for the artists, and therefore free advertising.  In general creators of mixtapes are not prosecuted presumably for this reason, but in some cases they may be.

What I wonder is in this time of digital technology why would anyone bother actually buying the original?  I’ve downloaded mixes before (assuming that because it was coming from a reputable source that it would be kosher), and have found it not very difficult at all to strip out the individual tracks that I like and throw away the rest thanks to Audacity.  I’m personally not sure the free advertising argument stacks up.

I think I’ll stick to music from the creative commons.  Leigh Blackall just put me onto CCMixter.  That’ll do me.

60 minutes of music designed for massage
Mixed by David McQuillan

This mix starts with some fairly upbeat music, then eases into deep ambience before picking up the tempo again, all over a 60 minute period.  It’s designed to match the psycho-emotional state of your client during a one hour relaxation massage. This is the first of many albums of this nature.

The mix kicks of with Delphzac’s mellow & funky Communique, before drifting off into the depths of dub with Astoe.  Nest’s Charlotte continues to take us deeper as piano drifts over luscious ambience. Deep meditative bells are followed by Winds within dunes, E-ritual’s wonderful track.  A  Rainy morning leads to a diving trip under the water.  Rupert Falsch from Germany finally picks us up and brings us back to shore with Fehlerengel. (keindesign_raum).  Then Crisposa really begins to rouse our client with the sparkling, lifting strains of Algo Cian.  By the time Modul’s playing something a little more upbeat, you’ll probably be leaving your client to get up off the table and get back to their day.

The recording is released under the creative commons attribution license 3.0.  This means that you’re free to copy it and distribute it as much as you want as long as you give attribution to me.


Over the past year I’ve been exploring the world of creative commons music.  It’s amazing what’s out there.  Much of the music I’ve found has been at least as good as most purchased music.  Some of it better.

I’ve decided to start releasing details of some of my favorites through this blog from time to time.

Tonight I’ve been listening to some dance music over my new speakers.  🙂

A few tracks from this mixed-breaks set popped up.  Nice and funky.  I listened to a lot of music from Breaks FM for a while, and the first DJ here, Emerge was definately one of my favourite DJs.  His set builds up gradually, into the brilliant Blim track Dust, Loes Lee’s Ash, and Hard Hard Lady Waks with Listen.

Devious has some pretty great tracks too.  Highlights here are the Brother’s Bud track – Don’t stop, Mephisto Odyssey’s Superphonic, Make ‘Em Shake it by Wahoo (Stanton Warriors remix) and Freaks by the Creeps.

I’m not sure exactly why this able to be freely released, as some of the tracks are presumably copyrighted (Fatboy Slilm & Evermore being two stand-out’s here), but Breaks FM are the biggest internet breaks radio station in the states, so it’s presumably legit.